The Issue

Plastics are EVERYWHERE – Take a look around you! Plastic gives us an amazing amount of flexibility to live our lives, but they stick around for far too long.

Alternatives to traditional plastics are important because:
  • They reduce CO2 emission. The materials used in Loopy’s products reduce CO2 emissions by 20-60%.
  • Only 9% of plastic ever gets recycled.
  • Even though a product has a Mobis loop (recycling symbol) on it, that does not mean the product can actually be recycled, That just identifies the primary polymer.
  • Plastic usage has been increasing since World War II and continues to do so today, despite our understanding of the effects from plastic.
  • There’s no recycling process available for some types of plastics. Polystyrene, or plastic number two, has been used since the 1920’s, yet there is no widely available recycling method. Polystyrene is very light and often blows around and gets in our environment.
Our team goes further than just creating alternatives to traditional plastics. We also utilize agricultural waste, which is often burned or goes to landfill. This is important because:
  • 1/3 of all black carbon pollution comes from burning crop waste around the globe.
  • There are 500 million tons of crop waste every year.
  • The material our products are made from utilize this crop waste, while also helping reduce our dependence on traditional plastics.