Why Loopy

Our Mission

Plastics are EVERYWHERE – Take a look around you! They give us an amazing amount of flexibility to live our best lives, but they don’t leave us once we’re done with them. Only about 9% of plastics around the world ever get recycled and the rest end up in landfills or the oceans. That’s why we exist – To help solve our plastics crisis, one step at a time.



Brand Promise

  • At Loopy, our goals are to:
  • Create high value, quality products with less of an environmental impact
  • Educate people about the plastics crisis
  • Be ambassadors for a better business model, where people, the planet and prosperity are all aligned.


For us, sustainability isn’t a buzz word or a cause to support - It’s our entire reason for existing. As material science experts, we know and understand materials and use only the best, industry leading high quality materials to make our products. These materials and products are designed to last or designed to compost, depending on the product. 

Whether you believe in climate change or not there’s still plenty of reason to prioritize eco friendly and greener products for the sustainable future. 

The good news is that products designed and product manufactured from biomaterials are in a position to make a real positive impact.

Using agricultural left overs and byproducts will directly contribute to positive environmental changes. These agricultural waste would otherwise would be burnt, creating more pollution. 

Products designed with less plastic or no plastic are sustainable and many biomaterial produce better and stronger products, which allows us to design lighter parts with up to 20-30% less weight and  50% to 100% less plastic then they’d traditionally have. 

According to CleanTech Group (link to article), up to 85% of plastic based products can now me made with biomaterials. Let’s work together and lead that change!